Agence Filtre Offices:

About Us

Agence Filtre Paris:
 36 Rue Parmentier
 92200 Neuilly / Seine, France
Agence Filtre USA:
 Los Angeles
 1633 N. Laurel Ave. Suite 180
 Los Angeles, CA 90046
 New York
19 West Chestnut St.
 Kingston, NY 12401

Agence Filtre is an eight-year-old French press agency specializing in celebrity events from the motion picture and television industry throughout Europe and the United States.

Along the years, Agence Filtre has provided its clients with professional, dependable and affordable coverage of celebrity events. We cover the major film festivals, among them, Cannes and Deauville in France and the Hollywood film festival in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to providing the best and full coverage of the entertainment industry including the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, plus major parties such as Vanity Fair and Elton John.

Within our eight years of existence, galaxies of stars have crossed the frame of our lenses and we pride ourselves for our outstanding library of celebrity stills and reels.
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